Femme Fatale is a feminist talk show featured on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa. The host and creator of the show Lilith, has spent well over a year interviewing people every week for the show. As Lilith’s feminism is so broad , the show is broad too; looking at current events, history, social issues and the life experiences of everyday people in an assessable and fun way. The show seeks to ask it’s audience: What and who are feminists, what does it mean to do feminism and just as feminism is a diverse group, how does various kinds of activism reflect that?

This blog is a way to showcase the diversity of feminism according to Lilith as it looks at current issues, wandering thoughts and Bitchy (yeah, the good kind) antadotes. The radio show allows for Lilith to hear from others about their lives and opinions, now Lilith is expressing her own! Be prepared!

Femme Fatale is hosted on Mondays at 12:05pm- 12:30pm on CKCU 93.1 FM or Online at ckcufm.com. You can find all of the past shows, ready for streaming, on the website!
CKCU is hosted on the Carleton University Campus in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA.




Born and raised in Orillia, Ontario, Lilith grew up wanting to be a visual artist after her dreams of being a unicorn veterinarian were dashed when she learned of the harsh realities she’d be faced with. Throughout her youth, she demonstrated a keen sense of social justice, and by grade 11 she co-founded her high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, pursued her artistic dreams by going to leadership camp for the visual arts, and used her refined skills to continue to head up the school’s visual arts club. After taking a year off to work, she came to Carleton University to study history and English, but was snared by the academic complement to her activist interests when she took a Women’s & Gender Studies class in her first year. She is now doing a double major honours in Women’s and Gender Studies and English, with a minor in history. Launching Femme Fatale on CKCU in July 2013 is the culmination of the work she has done to this point and marks the next phase of her activism around issues of gender, sexuality, social equity, and mental health. When she is done her undergraduate degrees, she plans to do interdisciplinary post-graduate studies tying together all of her passions with the intent of eventually teaching at the university level in Canada and abroad.


Credit for Bio: Phelonius Friar

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