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World AIDS DAy: New Doors & Clean Showers by The Velvet Studio

Written by The Velvet Studio

Today the AIDS Committee of Ottawa opened its new doors at 19 Main Street as the world’s media turns its attention to the global AIDS crisis for World AIDS Day.  With a lack of affordable options in ‘The Village’ after the legal dispute with 240 Bank Street, and having to leave their previous location, the ACO is now located in the Sandy Hill area. The move follows a recommendation from a 2012, Ministry of Health and Long Term-Care mandated a safety audit.

In good news for the Capital, the Ottawa Public Health’s recent report ‘State of Ottawa’s Health 2014’ noted that the rate of new infections was down for the previous year, dropping to 60 cases, although still higher than the provincial average. In the UK conversely an all-party group on HIV/AIDS released the ‘Access Denied’ report, which estimated that by 2030 an estimated 55 million people will need treatment. Last year 1.5 million died from HIV related illnesses.The One Campaign estimates that it would cost another $3 Billion a year to effectively tackle the issue on a global scale.

In an attempt to raise some of those funds Jack Mackenroth has helped trigger a new online fad with the Shower Selfies. Although Mackenroth’s attempt to raise funds for the Housing Works, program in New York, has only raised just over $2,249 out of its $1,000,000 goal, the challenge appears to have caught on. The challenge is to take a picture in the shower with the hashtag #weareALLclean. This is designed to tackle the stigma around HIV being perceived as ‘dirty’. The AIDS Committee of Toronto’s Board Director James has recently challenged the ACO in Ottawa to join in with the #weareALLclean drive.  As ACO provides over 30 programs and groups for people living with HIV in Ottawa, it will undoubtedly be hoping that some of the social media donations from this latest fad go to support ACO, you can Donate Here.

Let us know how you raised awareness for World AIDS Day,

And what do you think about the #weareALLclean campaign?

First published online at The Velvet Stuidio

1st Feminist Fair in Ottawa!

On Sunday December 7th at Pressed Cafe (750 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa). The Feminist Twins and Slut Walk Ottawa are hosting the very first annual Feminist Fair in Ottawa! There will be pins, art, soaps, zines, jewelry, gifts and raffle prizes! There will also be a Donation Bin for gently-used clothing for local LGBTQ youth!

Admission by Donation- 3-6pm!

See you There!

Capital Pride: The 2014 Timeline by The Velvet Studio

Who Know, Knew What, and When

A Run Down of the Capital Pride Drama this Year

Over the past couple months, following Capital Pride’s record breaking festival, there has been media attention directed at the near bankruptcy of Capital Pride. Provisionally saved at the last moment  by the membership due to a technicality of the bankruptcy process, Pride appears to have a future despite this early announcement. That even many of the membership were confused over the nature of the bankruptcy is no surprise, given the complex sequence of events, and surely anyone would be forgiven for loosing track of who knew what and when.

The Velvet Studio hopes to outline, to the best of our ability, the breakdown of the sequence of events, the availability of information, and who knew of what and when, to help better understand why the decision to declare bankruptcy unfolded as it did.


August 15th to 24th 2014

August 18th – Events planner Sebastien Provost provides treasurer Giselle Gardipy with an updated spreadsheet outlining his expenses. He alleges it fell within the approved budget.

Capital Pride breaks previous records with an attendance of 110,000 people along the Parade route, easily beating the previous record of 75,000,. Making Pride one of the top attended festivals in Ottawa.

During the festival, there was no indication of irregularities in need of scrutiny, with the coverage being generally positive.

August 22nd – Unaware yet that bar operations needed a backdraft of nearly $24,000 for alcohol, Capital Pride was faced with a problem as their bank was closed at this time. Capital Pride provided a cheque to Provost who had offered to get a bank draft for that purpose.

In an interview with the Velvet Studio on Saturday the 23rd Stephanie Lavergne, the Assistant Treasurer, and Director of the Week’s Events, said “Everything is going kind of according to plan, and everyone is having a great time and we are really happy with all the numbers”

August 25th 2014 (Monday) 

 A meeting between infrastructure contractor Guillaume Tasse (stage, toilets, tents) and  Treasurer Giselle Gardipy was cancelled. Tasse claims he was owed $42,000 and had not been provided payment or and explanation by Capital Pride. Tasse had also additionally provided Capital Pride with a $10,000 sponsorship.

August 26th (Tuesday) 

The last time that Provost spoke with Treasurer Gardipy. Contractors were informed that Gardipy was in hospital.

August 27th (Wednesday) 

After having deposited a cheque from Capital Pride of nearly $24,000 to cover the festival’s alcohol purchase, Provost , discovers that his account is overdrawn by $15,000, . indicating the original cheque had not cleared.

August 29th (Friday)

Capital Pride releases media release

“However, at this time, Capital Pride is currently investigating accounting irregularities that have come to light upon review of its post-festival finances. A police investigation may be pending.

September 4th (Thursday)

The Ottawa Citizen: “Capital Pride investigating ‘Accounting Irregularities’

Two suppliers and a DJ reveal that their cheques bounced from Capital Pride, and they are still owed.

September 5th (Friday)

Capital Pride releases a statement

“Capital Pride is working with its experts to assess documentation surrounding the alleged accounting irregularities that came to light upon a post-festival review. We are taking this time to thoroughly examine the materials prior to presenting them to our stakeholders, the Ottawa–Gatineau LGBT community and our allies.
As always, Capital Pride will exercise due diligence to this matter.
Capital Pride would once again like to thank all those who made the 2014 Capital Pride Festival a success. We will provide details surrounding this situation as they emerge. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.”

The Ottawa Citizen: ‘Capital Pride working with experts to sort our finances’

The Arc Hotel and TD Bank both reveal that they are not owed money from Capital Pride.

September 8th (Monday)

Daily Xtra!: ‘Capital Pride plans press conference to address finances’

Povost and Tasse state they have contacted the Ottawa Police Service.

Festival Director Jodie MacNamara confirms there will be a press release on the 9th.

September 9th (Tuesday)

Without citing reasons or rescheduling, Capital Pride cancels the planned press release.

Capital Pride releases a statement, in which they thank the community before stating that they are working with experts to gather information related to the emerging situation, stating “Currently our examination centers on invoices from festival site and entertainment providers requesting payments for amounts that were not approved by the Capital Pride Board of Directors. The initial results indicate that House of SAS, through its principal Sebastien Provost, significantly exceeded the agreed-upon budget.” They noted that no sponsorship or donor funds had been implicated.

The Ottawa Citizen: Capital Pride, supplier clash over spending allegations’

The Citizen interviews Provost: “I have no idea what they are talking about,” said Provost, himself a one-time chair of Capital Pride, and long-time bar owner and promoter in Ottawa. “My records indicate I was within the approved budget that was allocated to me.” He goes on to note that he had no signing authority.

Allegra Printing allege they are owed $8,500 by the festival, DJ Stephan Grondin alleged a cheque had bounced, and Producer Entertainment, which represents RuPaul’s Drag Race, also allege they were owed a significant amount. Producer Entertainment stated that the cheque has been sent for collection by their bank.

CBCnews: ‘Capital Pride says some suppliers asking for too much money’

CBC revealed in an interview one of the suppliers, Tasse “A $40,000 budget was agreed to by Capital Pride before the festival took place, Tasse said, and a second, smaller invoice for things the festival forgot to request was agreed to by the site manager. It was about $1,200, Tasse said. He was originally promised 50 per cent of the $40,000 budget before the festival took place, but was later told by Capital Pride that they could only offer 25 per cent up front, Tasse said.

September 10th (Wednesday)

Daily Xtra!: ‘Capital Pride comments on accounting irregularities’

Xtra! interviewed Provost, who revealed more details;

“’When I went to their bank, the Bank of Montreal, to try to have my cheque certified, I was told by the branch that there was actually never any money in the account, that those cheques were knowingly written without funds. And that is when I proceeded to go to the police and press charges,’ he says.”

Xtra! Also revealed that in a discussion between MacNamara and Tasse, MacNamara objected to a $3,000 LED wall used on the stage, stating it was not board approved. When Tasse offered to drop the invoice to $39,000 and separately discuss the LED wall, he was told ‘No Comment’ by MacNamara who then dropped communication with Tasse.

The Daily Xtra! also revealed that the Ottawa Police had begun investigating. Separately, it was stated that Producer Entertainment had informed Xtra! that its legal team were looking at all options.

September 11th (Thursday) 

Capital Pride reaches out to Daily Xtra! for an exclusive interview.

Provost refuses an Xtra! interview, stating he had begun legal action. It is later reported that Provost specifically took legal steps against Capital Pride.

September 12th (Friday)

Daily Xtra!: ‘Capital Pride speaks out on alleged accounting irregularities’

In an exclusive interview with Xtra!; “’The cheques were returned NSF because right after the festival we found a preliminary, apparent shortfall [of bar revenue] that added up to tens of thousands of dollars,’ says Jodie McNamara, chair of Capital Pride.”

Xtra! further reveals that “’Suppliers have come forward saying they have agreements with Capital Pride when those agreements were never reviewed by Capital Pride,’ [MacNamara] says. ‘We have received invoices for at least $23,000 over the budget we approved to House of SAS for the entertainment on site.’” MacNamara refused to reveal to Xtra! The names of the unapproved invoices.

MacNamara stated to Xtra! that they plan on speaking individually to each of the contractors. When asked if they were able to pay contractors she stated “we have funds.”

September 22nd (Monday) 

In a letter to Allegra Printing, MacNamara informed them that they planned to pay the $8,569.07 it owed for signs and other printing.

October 6th (Monday) 

Capital Pride hosts a Public Consultation Meeting to review Pride Events. The Velvet Studio was informed by the Secretary that nothing related to the finances will be discussed. The AGM is announced for November 5th.

October 10th (Friday) 

Jodie MacNamara, while working as the Chair of Capital Pride, begins to reach out to community members to create a new organization to replace Capital Pride. The public is not officially made aware.

October 15th (Wednesday)

Daily Xtra!: ‘Capital Pride faces legal threat’

Xtra! revealed that, following Capital Pride’s Sept 9th media release, Sebastien Provost filed for libel against the Capital Pride Board of Directors. Xtra! notes “Jodie McNamara, chair of Capital Pride, confirms they’ve received Provost’s notice of intent to sue for libel… ‘The notice requested a retraction, and everything we said was true, so we will not be making a retraction,’”

In the article Provost alleges that MacNamara refused to meet with him and the bar staff prior to releasing the statement on the 9th. He goes on to say “’The damage to my career has been so profound,’ he alleges. ‘I’m not even sure I’ll be able to recover from it. My credibility to book artists right now is shot. My company’s name has been all over the press embroiled in criminality that Capital Pride has alleged, without even meeting with me, without ever discussing it with me.’”

In the article, Provost outlines three possible causes for the drop in revenue: first being a broken beer fridge, with six taps broken leaving them with a single unit with two taps; the second issue was a bar mix order which Capital Pride, he alleged, delayed through error in till  Sunday evening, leaving them without soft drinks and mix in till 5pm; the third issue being the claim that Pride had handed out 235 free passes to the VIP area which included an open bar.

October 20th (Monday)

Capital Pride releases a statement on their Facebook.

“It is with extreme sadness and regret that Capital Pride must inform its membership, stakeholders and community, that after 29 years of operation, the Board of Directors has found itself in a financial situation beyond its ability to alter or repair and is now forced to declare bankruptcy.

The Board of Directors has been working very hard for the last two months to find a viable solution to enable Capital Pride to continue its operations for the sake of the Pride movement, the LGBTQ community and Ottawa residents, but with no success. Operations are now clearly unsustainable.

Capital Pride has had the privilege of working with many dedicated and supportive volunteers, organizations and individuals who worked exhausting hours in order to see the vision of Pride movement be elevated in Ottawa and we have seen some great moments throughout our history.

The AGM will happen as scheduled on November 5th. An email will be sent to our stakeholders shortly with a revised agenda so that everyone will know what to expect from that meeting. Much of the focus will be on the future of the Pride movement in Ottawa, going into it’s 30th year and beyond.”

Daily Xtra!: ‘Capital Pride declares bankruptcy’

CBCnews: ‘Capital Pride festival to declare bankruptcy’

CBC reveals that the Ottawa Police fraud unit investigators have opened a file on the financial issues at Capital Pride.

The Ottawa Citizen: ‘Capital Pride declares bankruptcy as suppliers fume’

The Ottawa Citizen revealed that Provost had been paid back the $24,000 from the liquor purchase. It was noted that Allegra Printing, who was owed $8,569, had not been paid. In a interview with the Citizen, Provost revealed he was out almost $7,000 in legal fees.

October 21st (Tuesday) 

The Ottawa Citizen: ‘Pride will go on despite bankruptcy, gay community says’

Provost reveals he is planning an ‘international’ festival for Ottawa next year. Stating that Capital Pride had lost all credibility.

October 30th (Thursday) 

While acting as Chair of Capital Pride, MacNamara reaches out to community members to form a new organization with the intent of replacing Capital Pride.

November 1st (Saturday) 

Reacting to leaks of a ‘secret committee’, members of the community reacts angrily to allegations, by individuals named in the proposal,, that someone [revealed to be McNamara] within Capital Pride is planning a secret committee to replace Capital Pride.

November 2nd (Sunday) 

Jodie MacNamara, in a Facebook post, refutes that the Capital Pride replacement committee is secret.

November 4th (Tuesday)

Daily Xtra!:Capital Pride chair convenes committee to address future’

In an interview with MacNamara, she states “’This committee has nothing to do with Capital Pride or the current Board of Directors,’ McNamara continued. ‘I have assembled the committee as a community member, not as the chair of Capital Pride. As a representative of Capital Pride I have provided infrastructure and the hands-on support necessary for the collaboration, but neither I nor Capital Pride have been in anyway [sic] involved in their conversation.’ […] McNamara said the new committee involves nearly 20 people, representing 14 organizations, sponsors and community members who have collaborated on a list of recommendations to take the Pride festival into its 30th year.”

November 5th (Wednesday)

The Velvet Studio: ‘Pride Chair organizes ‘Secret’ Committee ahead of AGM

The Velvet Studio releases a number of interviews from members contacted by MacNamara which indicate that she began planning as early as October 10th, and was acting as if representing Pride as late as October 30th. The Velvet Studio also revealed that several members of the Launch Committee had withdrawn prior to the 4th, issuing concerns with the “lack of transparency”.

Capital Pride holds AGM at City Hall

The Ottawa Citizen: ‘Capital Pride pulls back from Bankruptcy filing in surprise move’

The Ottawa Citizen, reporting from the Annual General Meeting (AGM), revealed that, despite a debt of $89,000, the membership of Capital Pride had voted to postpone filing for bankruptcy for 45 days, and called for the mass resignation of the Board, leading to the creation of an interim board.  The Citizen noted “According to the organization’s financial statements, made available Wednesday, it took in $341,907 in revenue in its 2013-214 festival year, but spent about $430,917, leaving it with a loss of about $89,000. […] Often on the brink of tears, McNamara offered her and the board’s apologies. ‘Nobody is claiming nothing went wrong, that we ddidn’tmake serious mistakes,’ she said. ‘I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for a job done poorly.’”

CBCnews: ‘Capital Pride annual general meeting delays bankruptcy for 45 days’

The CBC revealed that the meeting, which held around 200 people, was originally slated to hear the two proposals, one from the launch committee and one from another alternative. However, the agenda changed when it became apparent that Capital Pride had not yet successfully filed for bankruptcy. CBC noted that the board refused to answer questions related to finances, and also refused to speak to the media.

All in a Day, a daily CBC radio broadcast, reports that Launch Committee spokesperson Doyle  noted there had been concerns raised in the community as it had been organized by MacNamara. A separate Pride reformation group lead by Gatineau Pride co-president Zarraga noted his proposal was not in anyway related to the current Pride board.

The Ottawa Sun: ‘Capital Pride cleans house’

The Ottawa Sun noted that, when it became apparent the papers had not been filed, the membership moved to dismiss the 7 member board and replace them with an interim Board.

November 6th (Thursday)

Daily Xtra!:AGM delays Capital Pride bankruptcy’

Following the AGM, Xtra! spoke with former Pride Chair Marion Steele “’I was annoyed, partly because [a debt of $89,000] is not enough to claim a bankruptcy over,’ Steele said. ‘We came in in 2004 with a $200,000 debt, and we did not declare bankruptcy. We held creditors’ meetings. We held fundraisers. We were out of debt in three and a half years. So, it’s doable and you don’t have to lose your branding.’”

Xtra! also interviewed MacNamara; “’It’s felt like being on a ship that’s sinking and there’s nothing you can do to stop it,’ McNamara said tearfully to reporters after the meeting. ‘But maybe there is.’”

The Velvet Studio: ‘Capital Pride saved in M. Night Shyamala Plot Twist

The Velvet Studio revealed the names of the four Directors who resigned, as well as the names of those on the Interim board. The Velvet Studio also spoke with Interim Director Kevin Hatt, saying; “I just couldn’t see Pride disintegrate, and I will do anything I can to get it through this rough patch”. He noted that the delay until December “… will give [us] the time to get our ducks in order”, and also that “It’s hard to say right now what steps will be taken, but proper steps need to be taken before an AGM can be called, we should have our finance statements, preferably audited, at least correct”.

As an editorial note; the Velvet Studio added that the Directors were forced to resign in order to make room for the interim board, and also noted that at least two of the candidates of the Launch Committee, previously organized by MacNamara while acting as Pride Chair, had withdrawn their candidacy upon learning that Pride was not bankrupt.

November 7th (Thursday)

The Ottawa Citizen: ‘Capital Pride called police over missing bar revenue, ticket account changes: chair’

The Citizen reported that Capital Pride had filed a police report that someone had changed the online ticketing information to a different account. It was spotted prior to the almost $10,000 in the account was effected. She is also quoted saying “’We bought X amount of alcohol and then after the festival X amount of alcohol was left over. And the value of the alcohol that was gone, if it was sold at the prices we were selling it at, was $45,000 more than was actually brought in and deposited,’ said McNamara.”

November 8th (Friday)

CBCnews: ‘Capital Pride ex-chair says she’s partly to blame for lack of oversight

In an interview within days after leaving Pride, MacNamara is quoted as saying “’I didn’t insist on the kind of oversight that obviously was needed. I trusted that it would just happen. I’m as much to blame for that as anybody else,’ she said[….]‘We don’t know what happened at the bar. But we have filed a police report so we’re hoping that they will be able to investigate,’ McNamara said. ‘We have no idea. We don’t know.’”

Post Curtsy of The Velvet Studio with Permission

Go to their website: 

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Fast approaching is the somber and incredibly important day: The Transgender Day of Remembrance: November 20th. Some may ask why this day is so important to honor and respect, especially when many do not experience what being transgender is like or do not understand what transgendered means. Hell, my word-checking software on this computer does not recognize transgendered or transgendering…

So what is transgendered? Transgender is a hugely complex umbrella term which in many cases (but not all) the gender identity one is does not match the assigned sex they were born with. Some identify terms which fall under transgendered for some people include:

Female- Male Transgender

Male- Female Transgender

Gender- Queer

Intersex Individuals

Transsexual (however, this term is becoming more obsolete)


Transvestite/ Cross-dresser (these are hugely contested terms, and it really depends on an individual persons choice to identify as this AND transgendered. Be leery of using these terms now a days.)

Drag Kings/ Drag Queens (Much like transvestite and cross-dressers, just because you perform in drag does not mean you are automatically trans. Drag Kings and Queens bend gender boundaries and sometimes identify as trans but not always and not always openly.)


Yet that in itself does not express the complexity of transgender identity because one of the most problematic assumptions and aspects of cis-gendered society’s views of transgendered, is that it relies simply on biological difference and the medicalization of experience and genitalia. Essentially, the problematic reliance of mainstream society on if a trans individual is pre or post-op, takes away from the lived reality of trans identified individuals by melting away the person to simply being what their genitalia is or if it is recognizably male or female. I think a big part of this problem is that many people see transgender as meaning trans-itioning, as if they are in the process of being changed or even fixed. Just because some people identify as trans does not mean they still have sex-assignment surgery to do or they are still on hormone. Don’t medicalize their bodies and identifies for the sack of clarification. This hyper-focus on the genitalia of a transgendered identified person is in stark contrast to another huge problem trans identified people face: invisibility.

Invisibility within straight culture (or mainstream culture) but also within GLBT culture. The erasure of trans experience and voice is a big part of why November the 20th should be recognized and honored. The Transgender Day of Remembrance is to celebrate the lives of trans identified individuals who have been killed because of transphobia and to have a national conversation about the invisibility of these people and the marginalization and discrimination they face, simply because they exist.

There are many events happening around Ottawa to mourn and celebrate the lives of trans identified people, taken too soon. Below you will find a list and links.

Ottawa Trans Day of Remembrance- Celebrate, Educate, and Commemorate. HOSTED BY PTS

Novemember 18th- November 20th

“There are few populations in Canada not recognized in Human Rights law and protected by Hate Crimes law. Few still experience the intolerance and violence that transsexual, transgender and gender-queer (trans) people do.

This year, Ottawa trans communities are organizing a weekend-long event to celebrate, educate and commemorate the lives of transsexual, transgender and gender-queer communities – providing an opportunity for people of all trans experiences and backgrounds to get involved and participate.

From November 18 to November 20, you have the opportunity to stand in solidarity with trans people as we raise awareness, encourage dialogue, celebrate our lives and remember our loved and lost ones. We encourage everyone interested in supporting the lives of ALL trans people to join us for this weekend of celebration, education and commemoration.

The weekend of events will include a flag raising, dance party and political meet and greet; and in tradition, the annual Ottawa Trans Day of Remembrance will be observed on November 20 with a vigil at the Human Rights Monument.”


Schedule of events
Focus Event:
Sunday, November 20, 2011, 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Human Right’s Monument (Elgin and Lisgar)
Other Events:


11:00 am – Hotel de Ville Gatineau City Hall Flag Raising
(25 rue Laurier, Gatineau)
Informal Ceremony

1:00 pm – Ottawa City Hall Flag Raising Ceremony
Ottawa City Hall (110 Laurier Ave. W.)
Speakers to be confirmed

6:00 pm – Ottawa Police Services Flag Raising Ceremony
Ottawa Police Headquarters (474 Elgin St.)
Speakers to include: Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Chief Vern White, Fire Chief John de Hooge, Paramedic Superintendent Paul Morneau and Trans Communuty Members Alex Thompson and Amanda Ryan.



12:30 pm – Ottawa Paramedic Flag Raising Ceremony
Ottawa Paramedic Headquarters (2465 Don Reid Dr.)

2:00 – 4:00 pm – Political Meet and Greet
Ottawa City Hall Councillor’s Lounge
Speakers to include: MPP Yasir Naqvi, MP Randall Garrison, Paramedic Superintendents Paul Morneau and Deanna Schofield, Trans Community Member Jessica Freedman.

10:00 pm – 2:00 am – TDOR and Certain Sort present: The Real T Party!
A dance party to celebrate Ottawa Trans Day of Remembrance.
With CPI and DJ Y’alla! Y’alla!
The Royal Canadian Legion (330 Kent St.)
All ages (bring ID, all those over 19 with valid ID will get bracelets that will allow you to purchase alcohol).
$5 – $15 sliding scale

Accessibility Notes:
The front entrance, bathroom and bar/lounge area are all accessible to those using wheelchairs. The dance floor is down two medium steps.



7:00 pm – TDOR Candlelight Vigil
Human Right’s Monument (Elgin and Lisgar)
Speakers to Include Trans Community Member Alex Thomas and Volunteers who would like to speak about a friend or family member they have lost.

The vigil will include reading from a list of names of people who have died as a result of transphobic violence and/or suicide. If you would like a friend or loved one included in our list of names, please email with the details. We are also looking for speakers who would like to talk about how transphobic violence has affected their lives.


For more information or for media inquiries please contact:

Transgender Day of Remembrance- Non-Profit Organization

Novemeber 20th

Feminist Futures Lecture Series at Carleton University!

The Pauline Jewett Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies is pleased to announce the inauguration of the Feminist Futures Lecture Series, which launches this 2014/15 academic year. The series offers presentations of current feminist research being carried out by faculty associated with the Institute. Drawing from the rich interdisciplinary, intersectional research environment that marks past work and frames future endeavours, the Feminist Futures Lecture Series continues the development of critical intellectual and political spaces and knowledge-building around gendered issues. In this friendly but critically engaged space, you are invited to connect with a community of scholar-activists.

Come and be part of the excellent scholarship, debates, and conversations emerging out of Women’s and Gender Studies at Carleton!

Mondays, 3:30 – 5 PM

November 17, 3:30 – 5:00 PM. DT 2017

“’In the game and I must be a soldier’: Gender, Class, and World War I Canadian Military Nurse Annie Green.”  

Sandy Campbell


Abstract: Dr. Campbell’s paper examines the life and career of nurse Annie Green (1882-1929), a native of Eastern Ontario who trained as a nurse at Kingston General Hospital in the early years of the century. Green was a type of the new woman, and served as a military nurse in hospitals in England and Wales in the latter stages of World War I, experiencing not only the flood of battlefield casualties invalided to England but also the Kinmel Camp Riots by Canadian soldiers in Wales at the end of the war. Campbell will draw on the rich collection of letters, photos and souvenir albums held at Queen’s University Archives and elsewhere on campus which document Green’s career held at Queen’s University to analyse Green’s life (and death) in the light of autobiographical theory, medical history, art history, class, gender and historical moment.

Bio: Dr Sandra Campbell, who retired last July from PJIWGS, is the author of Both Hands: A Life of Lorne Pierce of Ryerson Press, which was shortlisted for the Creighton Prize (2013) and co-author of a forthcoming collection of essays on Bermuda history entitled Short Bermudas. She has taught at Carleton, McGill, University of Ottawa and Bermuda College and serves as general editor of the Tecumseh Press series, Canada’s Early Canadian Women Writers. She is co-editor of three collections of short fiction by Canadian women covering the period 1800-1920.

NOTE: Photo credit: Queen’s University Archives.

January 12, 3:30 – 5:00 PM. DT 2017

“Sluts Who Deserve Nothing: Unwed Motherhood, Social Stigma, and Social-Cultural Change”

Karen March


Abstract: Using data gathered from semi-structured interviews with 33 reunited birth mothers, I describe how stereotypical images of female sexuality contributed to the women’s sense of shame over their unwed pregnancy and reinforced their decision to hide their birth mother status from others. By contrast, acceptance of contact from their placed child when he/she reached adulthood and public revelation of self as a birth mother was supported by their recognition of socio-cultural changes in the position of women since the adoption had occurred.

Bio: Karen March is an associate professor in the department of sociology and anthropology at Carleton University. She teaches courses on family, aging and qualitative research methods at both the graduate and undergraduate level. She uses in-depth interviewing, participant observation and focus group methodologies in her own research, participates actively in the Canadian Qualitative Analysis Conference and has been on the executive board of the Canadian Sociology Association. As part of her administrative duties at Carleton, she has held the positions of Associate Dean of Student Affairs for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Carleton, Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Carleton University, and Interim Associate Dean of Student Affairs for the Faculty of Graduate and Studies.

Dr. March has been working in the field of adoption research for over fifteen years and concentrates on issues of identity. Her book The Stranger Who Bore Me examines the search motivations of adopted adults and their perception of contact outcome. She conducted a Canadian-wide study of community attitudes toward adoption with Dr. Charlene Miall of McMaster University which resulted in publications in journals such as Adoption Quarterly, Journal of Family Relations and the Canadian Review of Sociology.

February 9, 3:30 – 5:00 PM. DT 2017

“Brilliant Freak and Foreigner in Russia: The Life and Art of Marie-Anne Collot”

Debra Graham


Abstract: Marie-Anne Collot (French, 1748-1821) is one of the least known portrait sculptors in the history of Western art, even while her achievements rival the most seminal figures of the genre. Of humble origins and deprived of her family at an early age, Collot began to earn her living as an artist’s model in Paris, entering the studio of Etienne-Maurice Falconet at the age of fifteen. There she quickly learned to sculpt, earning the admiration and patronage of such connoisseurs as Denis Diderot and the Russian Prince Dmitry Golitsyn. She accompanied Falconet to St. Petersburg in 1766 when he was commissioned by Catherine the Great to create a monument to Peter the Great, now known as the Bronze Horseman. Yet the proud leader’s head crowned with a laurel wreath was not the work of the famed French artist but rather that of the twenty-four year old Collot. Collot, a young woman uniquely working in a “masculine” art, enjoyed a meteoric rise to success during her years in Russia: at the age of eighteen, she was inducted into the Imperial Academy of Arts and she established an impressive clientele including St. Petersburg’s nobility, French intellectual elites, and even Catherine the Great herself. This presentation investigates 1) how Collot navigated the gendered dimensions of eighteenth-century life; 2) the innovative aesthetic qualities of her work; and 3) why she remains invisible in current scholarship.

Bio: Debra Graham earned her Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is an assistant professor in the department of Women’s and Gender Studies. She teaches courses on feminist theory and cultural production. Her expertise and research program are focused in the areas of identity, power, and representation as applied to portraiture, popular culture, new-media communities and cultural citizenship. Her current research project involves a comprehensive study of the life and work of eighteenth-century sculptor Marie-Anne Collot.

Image Credit Line: Marie-Anne Collot (French, 1748-1821), Portrait of Catherine the Great, 1769, marble, height 24 “ (61 cm), State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

March 9, 3:30 – 5:00 PM. DT 2017

Title TBA

Florence Bird Lecture: Karyn Recollet

Transformative Justice Week is coming up at Carleton!

Transformative Justice Week is coming up at Carleton!

Transformative Justice Week at Carleton exists to support trans folks who are struggling, educate students about trans issues, celebrate trans folks in our community, and commemorate Trans Day of Remembrance.

(TW: violence and murder)

The Trans Day of Remembrance was set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to transmisogynistic hatred or prejudice. The event is held in November to honor Rita Hester, whose murder on November 28th, 1998 kicked off the “Remembering Our Dead” web project and a San Francisco candlelight vigil in 1999. Rita Hester’s murder — like most transfeminine murder cases — has yet to be solved. For more information, please see

November 18th:
-Button-making (all-day)
-Trans 101 workshop (5PM)

November 19th:
-Trans Sexualities workshop (and screening) by Tobi Hill-Meyer (6 PM)

Come to talk about bodies, language, behaviors, and desires (and coming!) – all presented with trans, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people in mind. Our communities have particular concerns as well as special opportunities for fun and frolic, that are often left out of mainstream Sex Ed. We’ll talk about what can be adapted for our bodies and how to do it. Here’s a chance to learn about the care, feeding, and delight of your tingly bits (and/or those of your partner) in a safe and trans-positive environment.

PLUS A BONUS FILM SCREENING! This film that takes a critical look at the trans porn industry through a trans woman’s first and only two mainstream porn shoots.(

November 20th:
-Fighting Transmisogyny Workshop by Tobi-Hill-Meyer (5PM)

Have you ever noticed that trans women tend not to come to an event you help run? Or that the posters never have trans women on them? Did you just make a book or a film only to realize it includes a bunch of trans men but little or no trans women? Did you know there’s a joke that women & trans spaces should be called women *or* trans, but not both? There are a lot of spaces within a certain segment of queer/trans community that is pretty good at having trans men and trans masculine folks represented but not trans women or trans female/feminine spectrum people. Lets get together to discuss the how and why of this dynamic and what we can do to turn things around. (

–Positive Possibilities: a Transfeminine-Spectrum Panel
(6:30 PM)

In honour of Transformative Justice Week, we are hosting five individuals who will come together to speak about their lives, their dreams, and their experiences as transfeminine-spectrum people. By listening to people in our local communities, we gain access to a variety of positive possibility models. Members of the Ottawa community, please join us to listen to these amazing individuals and to support transfeminine story-sharing! (

November 21st:
-Debrief crafting (all-day)
-Transfeminine support group facilitated by Mel Pelley (5PM)