Feminism – an outsider’s perspective: Lilith’s Challenge

So while perusing various blog posts recently I came across this sexist gem. I’m sharing this not because these words have any truth in them but because the ludicrous “outsider’s perspective” is exactly why the fight for equality and equity is not over.
1) feminism is not just the rights of women but it also a fight for all to have access and rights around the world, regardless of sex, race, class, dis/ability, sexuality, gender, ethnicity and many other socially constructed factors.
2) feminism and women are not asking for “more than they should” and the fact that this person things we should be happy and grateful to make dinner for our partners and scrub the floors, is reminiscent of 1940/50s culture. News flash! We haven’t come that far if you are talking like a 1950s privileged male!
3) I think credit has to be given to the writer for allowing the space for women to have female partners to cook and clean for, regardless at how strange that is illustrated in the blog post.
4) ending with Bitch, really doesn’t help your case. You just seem like a sexist weasel when you use such gendered insults to point out that feminism is ruining everything.

So thank you to Adventures in Stupidity and opression (spelling mistake is their own) for truly illustrating what oppressive stupid arguments look like!

Lilith Out!

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