Joanne Law and Transgender Education and Rights

Recorded October 6th, 2014. Joanne Law joined Lilith in studio to talk about the complexity of transgendered identity and their fight for equal rights in Canada. She explains some of the history behind transgendered activism and how the Canadian legal system today treats trans identified individuals. Joanne also talks about her role as a transgendered educator and the role that education plays in real social change surrounding issues of transphobia and homophobia.

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Zelda Marshall and the Drag Community Interview

Recorded October 20, 2014. Local Drag mother, grandmother and great grandmother Zelda Marshall joined me in studio to talk about drag identity and her own journey from a new drag baby to the mentor and community spokesperson she is today. We also talked about the support of the drag community and the family ties and language within it. Check out the part when she says that drag queens are often thought to be the ambassadors for the gay community, love this woman!

Swizzles Bar and Grill: Thursday Nights are a Drag!

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Recently self-proclaimed master pickup artist Julien Blanc has come under fire for his “educational” seminars teaching men to control, humiliate and be persistent (as he puts it) when trying to hook up with women. In these seminars which can cost up to $3000 per ticket, Blanc has been recorded telling men that no doesn’t mean no but is a weak excuse that is “irrelevant”. Furthermore, there is now video surfacing of Blanc’s seminars in Japan where he tells white men that they can get away with anything in regards to Japanese women, just yell: Pikachu, including taking women’s heads and forcing them down to his junk. His world tour to spread his “game” has had some hiccups due to the hash-tag campaign: #takedownjulienblanc. This activist campaign resulted in Australia revoking his visa and asking him to leave. Currently there is another leg of this campaign happening as his next reported stops along his tour is to the UK and Canada. #keepjulienblancoutofcanada is vastly growing.

What do I think about this? He’s a scumbag that knows how to work women’s insecurities and relies on intimidation to not only get himself laid but to try to get other guys laid too. What bothers me most about Julien Blanc is the physical assault he is doing and worse of all, encouraging. It is not okay to force a woman’s head down to your crotch nor is it okay to hold a woman by the neck. These are things that Blanc has been recorded doing in an effort to “pull” women home with him. While I am extremely happy that his misogyny and racist remarks are being addressed, I can’t help but to wonder why he is not being charged with a crime? He is blatantly advocating sexual harassment and possibly assault. It is not a far reach to say that he is spreading hate speech and ways to enact it against women. Yet ultimately, Blanc is not the root cause of sexism or racism but is instead an example of it. While sexism and racism are such huge and highly complicated issues which are not easily defeated, let alone recognized, we can stand up against them by standing up against assholes like Blanc who knowingly use patriarchy and white privilege to take advantage over women and teach other men how to do it too.

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Interview with The People’s Social Forum

Interviewed on November 10. My guests Karl and Nicole called from Ottawa U to talk about their participation in this years People Social Forum. This meeting resulted in hundreds of activists from around Canada, getting together and building networks, as well as brainstorming ideas and various activist projects for the future. One of the key results of the forum was the establishment of various key themes which the activists present hoped to address, such as: migration, gender, food and many others. This interview highlighted the different kinds of activism, including daily activism, which helps in changing the world on a local and global level.

People's Social Forum

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